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Your new life in Spain
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SpainAdvisers is a tax firm specialized in assisting foreign citizens in their change of residence to Spain


More and more remote workers, entrepreneurs and retirees are moving to Spain, attracted by the high quality of life, security, culture, gastronomy…

And, of course, for the tax advantages that Spain offers for foreign residents who choose to settle in our beautiful Mediterranean country.

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Specialization profiles

Each case is different, but certain profiles tend to have the same complications when applying for residency. Therefore, our experience allows us to overcome the obstacles with ease and achieve residency in a fast and agile way.

Other services

We cover all your tax needs in Spain: residency, taxes, accounting, planning and departure from your country of origin. The most complete consulting firm in Spain.


We manage your residence application in the Kingdom of Spain and take care of all the administrative and banking procedures.

Bank account

We introduce you to the prestigious international banking in Spain, advising you on the choice of bank and investment products.

Tax planning

We assure you the lowest taxation thanks to our tax planning made up of holding companies, family offices, foreign investments…


We keep your accounting and taxes up to date, guaranteeing the most rigorous compliance with all legal obligations.

Real Estate

Find your best investment on the Spanish market, from leasing to real estate purchase.


We help you improve your network of contacts in Spain through networking, private equity and Venture Capital.

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